Drunk Wisconsin man cited for shouting profanities at kids during Stillwater family event [MUGSHOT]

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Brian Ogren's mugshot from a previous arrest.
Brian Ogren, 55, did not make Wisconsin proud with his behavior at Stillwater's most recent Summer Tuesday. Or maybe he did, depending on how you look at it.

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The Green Bay resident was hauled to detox and cited for disorderly conduct after folks at the family-friendly event complained about him shouting profanities at children and the band.

Stillwater Patch reports that Ogren told police he had just wrapped up a hitchhiking trip from Alabama to Minnesota. He told officers he was "just rocking out" and talking to himself when he let a few swears slip.

His blood-alcohol level was measured at .21.

We pity the people who picked up Ogren during during his lengthy hitchhike from the South back to the border of his native state of beer and cheese.

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Joe Strom
Joe Strom

Dr Cox from Scrubs with a beard. Del

Jaynessa Carlson
Jaynessa Carlson

This makes me think of the guy who sits at the crystal bus stops! Please tell me someone knows the guy I'm talking about!! The crazy white man who give the empower fist to all the cars when they pass??!

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