FBI won't confirm or deny Laura Brod photo probe

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The FBI won't talk about a claim by U of M Regent Laura Brod that she has contacted the bureau to initiate an investigation into who leaked her boudoir photo to the Internet.

"At this point, I'm not able to confirm or deny any existing investigations," says Kyle Loven, the chief division counsel and media coordinator for the FBI in Minneapolis.

In a statement to City Pages, Brod admitted that the photo was her and implied it was a malicious act perpetrated by a cyber-stalker. She maintained that the unauthorized release of the picture on a Tumblr site called "ThisIsLauraBrod" was illegal and that she had contacted the FBI in an attempt to prosecute whomever is responsible.

"As embarrassing as this entire incident is, we know the larger nightmare of harassment, cyber-stalking and privacy invasion is not unique to us, and we plan to fight back with everything we have," the statement reads. "This matter has been referred to the FBI and we are pursuing all legal means possible to prosecute whoever is responsible for the illegal dissemination of this material."

Reached by phone Monday afternoon, Loven explained that the FBI could not discuss the matter, though the Star Tribune had also called seeking comment.

A spokeswoman for Brod did not return a phone call requesting comment. In her statement to City Pages, Brod wrote, "We will have no further comment on this matter," although there are many questions left unanswered.

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Pathetic attempt to keep a non-story alive.  Enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Is there no news you can cover?

digitalprotocol topcommenter

cannot imagine something more wasteful and timeconsuming for the FBI to do ...how about chasing down fraudsters and crooked finaciers...

Robert Craig
Robert Craig

Hadn't known about this or seen the photo until I read the article. Best way to get something spread on the internet is to try and hide it..

Angela Salzl
Angela Salzl

She needs to grow the Fuck up. this happens everyday..... Here is an idea don't take pics u wouldn't show your kids! I have no sympathy and its a waste of time finding the person who leaked it

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