Green Bay lawmaker wants to ban sagging

In explaining why his proposal isn't racially motivated, Boyce told Fox: "When you go on Google, and you see pictures of Justin Bieber, everybody likes to sport these things with their belt below their groin."
Green Bay alderman Dave Boyce wants to make it illegal for folks to sag their pants in the home city of the Packers.

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He says his proposal isn't racially motivated, but is instead aimed to curtail a fashion statement he and some of his constituents find "demeaning" and "offensive."

"There is a sense of outrage, and it's just demeaning to see people walking around like that. It's offensive. It's totally offensive," Boyce told Green Bay's Fox 11.
Dave Boyce

According to the Fox report, the city's legal department has advised Boyce that a sagging ban will be tough to enforce. But at the least, Boyce believes Green Bay businesses could put up signs banning people with their pants below their ass from entering the premises.

"What I see as an outcome of this is individual businesses will not allow people on their premises or do business if their pants are hanging on the ground," Boyce told Fox. "As for the law enforcement, when you do things that are anti-social, you perk them up. They become more alert, they watch you more closely."

A sagging ban wouldn't be unprecedented. In fact, just last month, a similar ordinance went into effect in the Jersey Shore resort of Wildwood, where offenders can get cracked with fines up to $200 and community service for showing too much rear.

Boyce's proposal is set to be discussed by a City Council committee tonight.

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I'm about as liberal as they get, and I support this. I'm all for freedom of expression, but seriously - no one needs to see that. 

I was driving near Franklin the other day, and I watched a group of men walk by with their jeans literally down to their knees, asses popping out, holding the front of their jeans up by their left hands. 

Have some class people. We don't all have to dress the same, but seriously. I wonder if half of those guys know what the sagging pants originally stood for - a man in prison who was showing other prison inmates he was "receptive" sexually, if you get my drift.

I suspect this would cause a lot of these guys to belt that shit or buy jeans that actually fit. "No homo, bro", indeed.

MNjoe topcommenter

And I'm offended by drunken A-holes stumbling around with big pieces of plastic cheese on their heads. It's demeaning and should be banned!

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

I want to ban dumb looking hats with too many buttons. 

Adam Mikelson
Adam Mikelson

"....because I live in Green Bay and there's nothing else to do."


What's next MANDATED hijabs for women? Come on people. You can't LEGISLATE how people dress.

Jason Bistodeau
Jason Bistodeau

Wouldn't be the first place in America that's successfully banned sagging. Wouldn't be the last either. It's not gonna harm anyone's culture to require people to pull their pants up and put on a belt.

Robynn M. Erdman
Robynn M. Erdman

I agree with this. They are called UNDERwear for a reason - they are supposed to go UNDER your clothes. If you want to dress like an over-grown child in your own home, fine - but the rest of the world does not want or need to see your freakin' underwear. -P.S. You look ridiculous, and this fashion trend has gone on long enough.

Mason Wayne
Mason Wayne

I find this riddiculous. If people want to dress stupid and look stupid then we should let them. What kind of free country do we live in? I love a good laugh anyway.

Stephen Biondo
Stephen Biondo

Ban them? Then I won't have anyone to amuse me..


@bulldogsmn1  - Actually, you CAN legislate it. try going out more without wearing pants...

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