Isaiah Theis's family doesn't think foul play was involved in 2-year-old's death

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Isaiah Theis
Family members of Isaiah Theis, the 2-year-old boy who was found dead in a trunk in western Wisconsin last week, say they don't think foul play was involved in his death.

THE BACKSTORY: Missing western Wisconsin toddler found dead in trunk of car

A Dresser pastor, speaking to the media on behalf of the family, said that following an investigation, family members have concluded that Isaiah likely ended up locked inside the trunk after he climbed into it by himself. He was found around 10:15 p.m. last Wednesday -- about 27 hours after he was last seen alive.

The Rev. Rick Van Gundy, who is also friends with the Theis family, told the Pioneer Press the family believes Isaiah grabbed the keys from his father's mechanic shop, opened the trunk, and got inside. When Isaiah was reported missing, the vehicle sat locked on the property, and the trunk wasn't opened until the vehicle's owner came to pick it up.

Van Gundy told the PiPress that such a scenario was "definitely not outside the bounds of [Isaiah] being curious and adventurous." He added that the family isn't upset with searchers and emergency responders for not looking in the trunk.

Medical examiners concluded Isaiah probably died from extreme overheating. His funeral is scheduled for tomorrow.

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Too many *coincidences* in this case. The owner of the car shows up at 10 pm to pick up a car that has not yet been repaired, owner of said car has an extra set of keys handy, the car is parked close to the command station, it's hotter than hell out, and the police dogs don't pick up the scent of death from the vehicle? A two year old knowing which key to use to open the trunk, able to climb in AND close the trunk on himself? I've read a lot about this case and I have yet to see the mother's name mentioned in any article. The "Preacher" had no business releasing the information about the keys being in the trunk, the media is not mentioning the convicted child molester than lived close by. What gives? Why is this case being so mysteriously NON-reported by the media?

Tammy Faiola
Tammy Faiola

I am baffled. How on earth does a 2 year old climb into a trunk without anyone noticing?


I'm confused.  I thought that the father had said he did not have any keys for the vehicle, and that is why the trunk wasn't opened. They would have to pry it open and since they thought it had been closed since earlier that day, it was decided not to pry it open. 

Lauren Anthill Builder
Lauren Anthill Builder

I feel like 9 out of the 10 City Pages posts I've read in the past few days has been about the death of a child.

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