Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel bans journo from filming speech because camera could hide gun

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After the event, the reporter said: "In fairness, it may have been a joke. But is unclear and gun in camera worry seems....odd"
Does the headline have you confused? Well, don't expect to be any less so after reading further, because this is pretty zany.

GABRIEL SOUNDS A LOT LIKE THIS: Michele Bachmann suggests Islam is America's enemy [VIDEO]

According to the New Ulm Journal's Josh Moniz, nationally renowned Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel barred reporters from filming her Minnesota Tea Party-sponsored speech last night in Mankato because she was worried about being shot by a gun hidden in a video camera. Seriously.

Here's a selection of Moniz's tweets from last night: That's pretty wild, but so were some of the allegations made last night by Gabriel, a native of Lebanon who calls "Islamofacism" a "cancer" that "is coming out of one source: the Koran": Also scary: :::: UPDATE ::::

Today, Moniz added: -- h/t -- Bluestem Prairie --

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