Jackie Cherryhomes "Viral Ad" fails hard [VIDEO]

Cherryhomes's video isn't exactly burning up YouTube a la Mike Frey.
With Mark Andrew and Betsy Hodges emerging at the leading candidates to replace R.T. Rybak as Minneapolis mayor, the Jackie Cherryhomes campaign decided to try and raise her profile with a viral ad.

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Problem is, they violated the First Rule of Viral -- you don't characterize your own creation as "viral," especially when it's not. Or in this case, really, really not viral, as the clip only had 80 views (to go along with 0 likes) four days after it was published on YouTube.

Ouchers. Here's the spot:

After Eric Roper raised awareness about Cherryhomes's not viral "Viral Ad" yesterday afternoon, the number of views increased from 80 to almost 200 today. That's progress, but still -- it's a far cry from viral.

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