Mark Dayton "snaps" at reporters asking him about last week's top-secret outstate trip

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Last week, Dayton went somewhere in an effort to bring jobs to Minnesota, but where is anybody's guess.
Last Wednesday, Gov. Mark Dayton traveled out of the state. But where exactly he went remains unknown.

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Dayton's office announced he was traveling "for a meeting regarding a possible economic development opportunity for Minnesota," but otherwise remained tight-lipped. An MPR report noted that Dayton may have been trying to navigate an uncomfortably thin line between his campaign promise to "go anywhere in the state, nation, or world if there's a job to be gained in Minnesota," and his subsequent vow to disclose his private schedule because "people have a right to know what I'm doing with my time."

Whatever the case, Dayton apparently wasn't in the mood to answer questions about his top-secret trip at a news conference today. Here are tweets offered up by political reporters Jennifer Brooks and Pat Kessler during the presser: Of course, some would argue that when you're working with zilch context to begin with, it's not hard to blow something out of it.

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