Metro Transit bus crashes near Uptown [PHOTO]

-- Update at bottom --

On its Twitter account, WCCO has published a photo of a 17F route Metro Transit bus that crashed this morning near West Lake Street and West Calhoun Parkway.

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Details are scant at this point, but the photo indicates an ambulance is on the scene.

Here's the photo (click to enlarge):

WCCO on Twitter

We'll update when more information is available.

:::: UPDATE ::::

The Star Tribune reports that the accident occurred around 6:40 this morning when the bus driver lost consciousness.

Five passengers and the driver were injured. Thankfully, none of their injuries were serious, the Strib reports.

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Tammy Makram
Tammy Makram

At least they didn't end up in the lake.


That's scary.  Read a report where men in their early to mid 20's tend to fall asleep behind the wheel more than anyone else.  I did this once last year for about 7 seconds.  Shit was weird.  If you feel very tired just pull over or get something to drink such as coffee or juice.  Something.  Never thought that could happen but it did and does.  No one was hurt.  Just woke up arriving at the exit and kind of drove off and did a 180 in the grass.  Another few seconds and would have flew off the hill.

John Wolfsberger
John Wolfsberger

That's not going to happen with the new billion dollar bus on rails!

Patty Mangan
Patty Mangan

According to the STrib, the driver became unconscious and crashed. No one was critically injured.

Joe Strom
Joe Strom

Probably because of an unruly rider

ChazDanger topcommenter

@Joe Strom Whoops, You must feel dumb now.

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