Minneapolis is one of the most inventive cities in the world, Forbes says

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Minneapolis residents produce more patent applications per capita than all but three American cities, according to a new Forbes analysis.

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In fact, in the whole wide world, there are only eight other cities that can boast a higher level of "patent intensity."

Here's Forbes's to 15 "Most Inventive Cities" list, along with each city's "patent intensity" rate (defined as patent applications per 10,000 residents) for 2012:

1. Eindhoven, Netherlands (22.58)
2. San Diego (8.95)
3. San Francisco (7.57)
4. Malmo, Sweden (6.85)
5. Grenoble, France (6.23)
6. Stuttgart, Germany (6.18)
7. Boston (5.8)
8. Stockholm, Sweden (5.72)
9. Minneap (5.06)
10. Munich, Germany 4.97
11. Manheim, Germany (4.95)
12. Goteborg, Sweden (4.4)
13. Seattle (4.25)
14. Copenhagen, Denmark (3.75)
15. Raleigh (3.74)

Yours truly intends to do his part to keep our intensity rate toward the top by submitting a patent application for a fixie bike that can hold chilled Surly Furiouses in the down tube with a built-in stereo preloaded with Poliça mp3s. The Portland model will feature Deschutes and the Shins. Sounds promising, right?

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Please don't promote fixed-gear bicycles. We have enough assholes around already. 

David Olson
David Olson

Largely due to 3M no doubt, but the President still has plenty of time to destroy that company as well.

Dawn Peterson Breidenstein
Dawn Peterson Breidenstein

Well it's about time! Minnesotans are long over due in getting some recognition for the invention of "Ole and Lena".

Adam Klugherz
Adam Klugherz

In other award news Minneapolis has been named "Best Minneapolis in the country" beating Minneapolis, South Carolina and Minneapolis, Kansas.

Bob Alberti
Bob Alberti

HOW inventive are we? We made up that award...

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