Minneapolis police bust 53 johns in six-day sting

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Police ran the undercover sweep from July 12-17.
Apparently lunch is a popular time to solicit a prostitute on East Lake Street.

Minneapolis police busted 53 johns in an undercover sting operation in the area surrounding Lake in six days, making a significant amount of the arrests during lunchtime, says police spokeswoman Cyndi Barrington.

"I think it's just a time that people have a break," she says. "They feel like they can come down to the Third Precinct or wherever and take care of their needs at lunchtime."

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Tied to a national effort to crack down on johns, officers focused the sweep on the troubled blocks surrounding Lake between 3rd and 17th Avenues South, says Barrington.

"It has been an ongoing concern with that neighborhood area," she says. "We were working on a detail, and then the national detail came up too, so it just made perfect sense to do it all together."

Fox 9's Tom Lyden embedded with police during the sting, and offers a fascinating first-hand account, complete with a couple of confrontational interviews with those being cuffed (watch the video here):

On Wednesday, the women wearing the tight shorts were actually undercover cops who walked the walk and talked the talk. When they used the code word "condom," police would move in. They arrested one suspected john after another.

Police also arrested three people for narcotics, one for promoting prostitution, two for obstruction, and five for loitering. They seized a total of 23 vehicles.

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This is awesome.  Commodifying the bodies of women and girls devalues all of us as humans and mainstreams a very messed up mentality about how it's acceptable to treat people with vaginas.  Women who end up in this situation too often struggle with addiction or have suffered backgrounds with abuse, or have gotten into the life as teens in tough situations.  I hope the Mpls police dept. increases operations like this because it advocates not treating people like garbage and busts the assholes that think it's ok to buy or rent a gender/ class of people.

k2yeb topcommenter

Glad to see cops going after non violent crimes and bolstering their coffers with more "confiscated vehicles" which will in turn buy more toys. Why not spent $200k to go after people smoking joints. Look I get it, diseases and what not. Its never going to stop. Keep trying govt. You can't stop the movement of water (don't tell me about dams)...drug users....or sex addicts. You can only hope to contain it I guess. 

On a side note. What would the conversation go like if a man that had no name was caught picking up a prostitute in the bathroom next to a toilet?

DavidFoureyes topcommenter

"...police busted 53 johns..."

"They seized a total of 23 vehicles..."

So 30 people rode their bike to a blowjob?

k2yeb topcommenter

@DavidFoureyes Guessing not all cars were used to solicit maybe. Perhaps they parked and committed the "crime" while they were nowhere near their property.

And damn it now I want a blowjob. 


@k2yeb no, it's not a "crime".  It's a crime.  It's actually illegal.

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