MPD releases images of Whittier stranger rape "persons of interest" [PHOTOS]

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These two men are wanted in connection with a rape.
This afternoon, the MPD released security images of two "persons of interest" in a Whittier stranger rape that happened early in the morning of June 24.

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Later that same day, the men attempted to sell the victim's phone at the Lyn-Lake World of Wireless. The store's cameras captured the image of the "persons of interest" at the top of the post, as well as this one of them exiting the building:


Here's what the victim told police about the incident:
-- June 24th at 2:20am in the area of Franklin Ave. W & Lyndale Ave S. Victim was walking down an alley when the suspect approached her, attempted small talk, then dragged her to a grassy area and sexually assaulted her. The victim reported that the suspect had a gun and threatened to kill her. Suspect described as a black male, 5'3"-5'7", average build. CCN 13-200046
If you have information, call Sergeant Stot Dunphy, MPD Sex Crimes at 612-673-2881 or contact him via email at:

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CinBlueland topcommenter

Those damn White Crackers!! .. oh.. right.. 

Sorry, we will keep to serial killing and bombings.. crap. assholes in Boston f'd that up.. 

K, fine we'll go back to hitting mail boxes with baseball bats.. You minorities have fun with the bombings, rapings, beheadings etc..


Wo , not only are these guys sick, they are stupid too.


The one on the left/in the white shirt does not look Somali to me. They don't usually shave their hair that short.

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