Not the Onion: Fox 9 runs story about helping outdoor workers stay hydrated with water [VIDEO]

The story's lede: "With temperatures soaring well into the 90s on Tuesday, FOX 9's Iris Perez decided it would be a good idea to make sure outdoor workers outside in the metro had plenty of water to beat the heat."
Sure, it was a slow news day yesterday, but this is ridiculous.

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A Fox 9 piece entitled "FOX 9 helps outdoor workers hydrate amid heat" consists of reporter Iris Pérez walking around Minneapolis and asking a bunch of people for their thoughts about being hot. Their responses are as dull as you'd imagine.

Later, Pérez is filmed at construction and landscaping sites delivering bottles of water to workers. (How would they have managed to get through the day without her help?) But the video package's highlight comes when one landscaper, apparently less than thrilled to be interrupted for such drivel, flips a water-toting Pérez the bird.

In sum, as MPR's Bob Collins put it, if you watch the video, "you can actually HEAR your brain cells dying."

In the mood to kill some? Here's the video:


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