Old woman goes nuts when busted stealing rhubarb, calls accusers "lezzie" and "big fatass" [VIDEO]

We defy you to find an angrier old woman than this rhubarb thief from Iowa.
Following a series of rhubarb burglaries in an as-of-yet-unidentified Iowa town (Gawker merely describes it as "nondescript"), two women busted the thief while she was trying to dig up rhubarb in a private alley.

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A confrontation ensued, and we're not sure whether the appropriate response to what happened next is uproarious laugher, disturbed crying, or fearful shuddering. But whatever the case, the thief, bile audible in her voice, absolutely lit into her two accusers, at various points calling one or the other "Pinnochio fucking nose, "a fucking lezzie," "drunk as a skunk," and "big fatass."

Here's the footage:

Holy shit -- old ladies in Iowa are apparently a lot more interesting (and angry) than we ever could've imagined!

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