Old woman goes nuts when busted stealing rhubarb, calls accusers "lezzie" and "big fatass" [VIDEO]

We defy you to find an angrier old woman than this rhubarb thief from Iowa.
Following a series of rhubarb burglaries in an as-of-yet-unidentified Iowa town (Gawker merely describes it as "nondescript"), two women busted the thief while she was trying to dig up rhubarb in a private alley.

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A confrontation ensued, and we're not sure whether the appropriate response to what happened next is uproarious laugher, disturbed crying, or fearful shuddering. But whatever the case, the thief, bile audible in her voice, absolutely lit into her two accusers, at various points calling one or the other "Pinnochio fucking nose, "a fucking lezzie," "drunk as a skunk," and "big fatass."

Here's the footage:

Holy shit -- old ladies in Iowa are apparently a lot more interesting (and angry) than we ever could've imagined!

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Rhubarb is a hell of a drug

Drewey topcommenter

She sounds exactly like the old lady from Goonies


He said, "All right,"
But it wasn't, quite,
'Cause I caught him in the autumn
In my garden one night!
He was robbing me,
Raping me,
Rooting through my rutabaga,
Raiding my arugula and
Ripping up my rampion
(My champion! My favorite!)-
I should have laid a spell on him
Right there,
Could have changed him into stone
Or a dog or a chair...

Brian Davis
Brian Davis

Well Have I got stories for you about your Great Aunts snapping out in Iowa!!!!!


If the fence is actually the property boundary, wouldn't that be legal?

Ant Williams
Ant Williams

Somebody's about to see an entirely different side of their grandma hahahaha!

Amy Feagler
Amy Feagler

doesnt appear to be a video when i go there...


She doesn't seem "old," necessarily. Hard to tell, but maybe 40s or 50s?


She'll get her own reality series on the basis of this video alone.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@Drewey Thank you, I was trying to place it now I can't stop laughing.  


@f682734 Could still be a private alley, and fence might not be the property boundary.

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