St. Paul man photobombs Google Street View camera [PHOTO]

See one of these rolling down your street? Don't be shy -- do like the St. Paul guy did and strike a pose.
It isn't quite as cool as this. Nor is it as LOL-worthy as this. But still -- not bad.

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A St. Paul man's rock n' roll salute will live in Google immortality (or at least until they update their maps), as he timed his gesture at exactly the right moment to have it captured by the company's Street View cameras as they rolled down Sheldon Street last October.

Here the shot:


He's in an awfully good mood considering he appears to be spending a pleasant fall afternoon loading boxes into a huge truck, isn't he?

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Dave Eckblad
Dave Eckblad

Do a story about how you found my car in two different places on google maps. AT THE SAME TIME (weeeeeird)

Dave Eckblad
Dave Eckblad

You're shitting me, right? This isn't unique or special in any way. There's hundreds of people posing for streetview all over the world.

Brie MacDougall
Brie MacDougall

My friend sent me a link to our old address where you can see my boyfriend climbing back into the house from the roof through the window.


@Sean Bray  - You come to the CP blog for news?

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