St. Paul newlywed killed during honeymoon road trip

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Leah Fonda and Brian Preiss were married earlier this month.
A St. Paul couple's honeymoon road trip ended in unspeakable tragedy Saturday afternoon when the bride was killed and her husband was seriously injured by a drunk driver.

Leah Fonda and Brian Preiss, both 30, were in the midst of day eight of a honeymoon road trip from Minnesota to Niagara Falls when they were struck head-on by a drunk driver around 4:30 that afternoon in Rollinsford, New Hampshire. Fonda died, and Preiss remains in a Boston hospital in fair condition.

The driver of the other vehicle, 43-year-old Matthew Tsopas, fled the scene but was later arrested and has been charged with criminal vehicular homicide. According to a Boston CBS report, Tsopa, a furniture executive, was driving so erratically after leaving an anniversary party at an American Legion that another driver called police and was following him down the road when the fatal accident occurred.

Investigators say Tsopas hit numerous cars on his way out of the Legion's parking lot. The bar itself is under investigation for possibly overserving him, CBS reports.
Fonda and Preiss are both longtime employees at the Mall of America's Nickelodeon Universe. They started dating last fall.

"We were greatly saddened to hear about the accident regarding Leah Fonda and Brian Preiss," MOA officials said in a statement. "Leah and Brian have been valued members of Nickelodeon Universe since 2001 and have touched many lives. Our hearts and thoughts are with their families and friends during this difficult time."

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Katrina Pierson
Katrina Pierson

these are family members of my close friends. just awful.

Linda French
Linda French

wow, that is a tragedy. i'm glad they got to enjoy their family at their wedding before it happened, though.

Elle Blake
Elle Blake

I'm ashamed of people in my age bracket !! They seem to forget that a cab or a sober friend, maybe even calling a family member or neighbor is far better than the alternative of driving impaired !! My parents were up north for a HS reunion and were hit TWICE by a 43 year old from the northern suburbs :( My heart goes out to the friends and family of this lovely couple !!

Allie Lea
Allie Lea

I worked with this couple to plan their wedding. Terrible - our thoughts are with their families.


And the drunk that did it might even be convicted of something or maybe lose his license.

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