St. Paul Saints to again become St. Paul Aints in honor of Minnesota Atheists

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Don't expect to see this jersey mounted on the walls of the pearly gates.
On August 9, for the second year running, the St. Paul Saints will lose their religion.

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That night's game at Midway Stadium is sponsored by the Minnesota Atheists, so the Saints will drop the "S" from their jerseys and signs around Midway Stadium, thereby becoming the St. Paul Aints.

The players' jerseys will later be auctioned, with some of the proceeds going to the Family Place Shelter in St. Paul, a local shelter where Minnesota Atheists volunteers prepare monthly dinners for families in need. So you see, they're not all Godless jerks.

The next day, the Minnesota Atheists are hosting an American Atheists regional conference at the Ramada Plaza in Minneapolis.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for atheists to share our light-hearted, friendly nature," Eric Jayne, president of Minnesota Atheists, said in a press release. "As a baseball fan and a local atheist leader, I am excited to partner with the St. Paul Saints in our efforts to increase atheist camaraderie and dispel negative stereotypes about atheists in the public eye."

Heather Hegi, chair of Minnesota Atheists, added that "as atheists struggle to be accepted by professional colleagues, friends, and family it's refreshing to see honest tolerance extended to us by the Saints."

No Saints officials are quoted in the press release, but before the organization's first atheists night last summer, General Manager Derek Sharrer said folks shouldn't read too much into the team's nickname.

"The team name itself is just that -- it's a team name," Sharrer said, adding that "we didn't name the team the Saints to make any sort of religious statement."

Somewhere, Jesus frowns.

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It's not the St. Paul Aints, it's the MR. Paul Aints. You are missing a significant part of the joke when you don't recognize that the city name has been secularized along with the team name.


And remember. When you touch yourself, the Aints cry. Goodnight!

k2yeb topcommenter

The same argument for the existence of God can be used for the case of Atheism. 


somewhere your mom frowns. and then asks jesus to magically fix her frown. turn it into wine or something...  obviously slanted article. why write about it. 


Oh hey, thanks for pointing this out.

"So you see, they're not all Godless jerks."

I'll remember that the next time I read a fluff article and think to myself:

"Oh hey, not all journalists spend all their time profiting by talking about other peoples tragedies. Sometimes they just waste our time too."

Drewey topcommenter



@ASDAS You're thinking too hard.

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