The Onion discontinues print publication in Madison, its original market

The Onion's original print edition is going the way of the dinosaurs.
The Onion is pulling the plug on its original print publication.

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The Madison edition, founded in 1988 by University of Wisconsin-Madison students Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson, will run for the last time on July 25.

The Onion's website will continue on, as will some print editions, including the one in Milwaukee.

In an interview with Chicagoist, Todd Sears, general manager of Capital Newspapers, publisher of the Onion's Madison edition, said, "We love the Onion, but the advertiser support was just not there. We tried several things to make it work, but it just didn't make financial sense to continue."

The Onion discontinued publication of its print edition in the Twin Cities just over a year ago.

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Why did they discontinue the print publication in madison? Are they short in budget? Do they need some good printing materials like printer, inks and a black toner cartridge? What is the main reason for this? I dont really know why.


I remember reading the first issue in my hometown of Madison and thinking "This will never last". See, I was right! RIP Mad-City Onion.

Damian Amberg
Damian Amberg

Good, save them trees. The Onion online is still awesome.

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