Twin Cities has lowest unemployment of any major U.S. metro

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A slew of recent lists has named us snobby and brainy, bike-friendly and outdoorsy. But here's a ranking that carries a little more weight, and comes backed by harder data: The Twin Cities has the lowest unemployment of any major U.S. metro area, according to the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Just 4.7 percent of Minneapolis-St. Paul area residents are looking for work, which is a low enough figure to dethrone former list-topper Oklahoma City, now in second place.

The least-employed major metro -- that's an area with more than 1 million residents -- is Memphis, Tenn., which sits at the bottom of the list, in slot 49, with 9.5 percent. Compare all these numbers with the national unemployment rate of 7.6 percent.

Other low-performing metros include the nation's three largest cities: New York is ranked 37th on the list, with 7.9 percent unemployment, and followed by Los Angeles with 8.3 and Chicago with 9.1. On the other side of the spectrum, here's the top ten, based on data from May:

RankMetropolitan AreaRate
1 Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI
2 Oklahoma City, OK 5.0
3 Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA 5.2
4 Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos, TX 5.4
5 Birmingham-Hoover, AL 5.5
6 Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV 5.6
7 Columbus, OH 6.0
7 Richmond, VA 6.0
7 San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, CA 6.0
10 Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, MA-NH 6.1
10 Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC 6.1

For even lower unemployment rates, turn to smaller cities -- most of which happen to be our neighbors. Topping the overall metropolitan area list is Bismarck, North Dakota, which has just 2.4 percent unemployment. The rest of the top five boasts Fargo, Iowa City, Sioux Falls, and Ames, Iowa.

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k2yeb topcommenter

Oh data, you poor manipulated opportunistic self. How you can be changed, altered, updated to reflect any sort of conclusion. 

I mean we can even make Bush look like a good president. With that said, those that STILL think Obama (I agree Bush was worse, and I voted for Obama) is still a good president well my friend you are an idiot. 

June 2005 - 5.0% unemployment under Bush
June 2008 - 5.6% unemployment under Bush
June 2013 - 7.6% unemployment under Obama

June 2005 - 37M people living in poverty under Bush
June 2008 - 38M people living in poverty under Bush
June 2013 - 50M people living in poverty under Obama

June 2005 - 22M people on food stamps under Bush
June 2008 - 30M people on food stamps under Bush
June 2013 - 48M people on food stamps under Obama

July 5, 2004 - $7.3T National Debt under Bush
July 5, 2008 - $9.8T National Debt under Bush
July 5, 2013 - $16.9T National Debt under Obama

Mark Witte
Mark Witte

Thanks Wisconsin. Scott Walker has Wisconsin Business moving to Minnesota. Valley Cartage for example.

swmnguy topcommenter

And yet again is demonstrated the falsity of claims that taxes kill jobs.  Look at that list.  You could argue OKC, Austin, TX, Birmingham AL and maybe Virginia Beach are low-tax areas, but the Virginia Beach area is awash in Federal spending.  The rest of the areas are routinely bashed as being high-tax Liberal havens.  With very low unemployment, apparently.

swmnguy topcommenter

@k2yeb As you point out, statistics can be manipulated to say just about anything. The data points you copy are good examples.  I'm no fan of President Obama (ask "Michele Bachmann" about the arguments we've had on that score), but I think these data points are deceiving. I say this as someone who thinks we're about 5 years in to a perhaps 20-year Depression, and that the bottom of this Depression is probably 5-7 years into our future.

The problem is that the ruling oligarchy is trying to save itself first, and doesn't care if anyone else survives.  Sure, since our economy is 70% consumer spending, the middle class can't be wiped out outright.  But as time goes by and monetary velocity continues to die on the vine, and the real economy continues to starve, push comes closer to shove.  It becomes more and more clear that all will be sacrificed to enrich the top 0.5%, and partisan electoral political banners and slogans are just smokescreens to tint the monopartisan redistribution of wealth upwards, with some fairly clever sops to quiet the impoverished.  Transforming the bread lines and soup kitchens of the 1930s to EBT and direct deposit today was brilliant and probably bought the oligarchy a decade of looting.

Public government debt is the biggest Trojan Horse out there for the redistribution of wealth upward.  The real issue is private debt, which is 5x greater than Government debt.  Government debt fixes itself via taxes when the middle class is healed enough to resume spending.  But the stranglehold the elites have gained over the economy through private debt is where the real power is.  

Want proof?  Since autumn of 2008 the US government has spent nearly $20 Trillion to prop up the banks and the shadow finance system.  The economy still sucks.  For much less money the US government could have given every man, woman and child in America $50,000 cash.  For that kind of money, most Americans would have paid off their houses, cars, credit cards, and student loans.  The economy would have been revitalized instantly and tax revenue would be increasing so fast the debt would be shrinking dramatically by now.  But we didn't do that.  Because the point was not to fix the economy, but in fact to divert even more of it into ever fewer but wealthier elite hands.  

That has worked very well indeed.  Anybody who says Bernanke and the Fed don't know what they're doing is truly foolish.  So foolish they don't even understand what the Fed is, who Bernanke is, whom they work for, and what the true purpose is.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@k2yeb You are a stupid person.   The 4 biggest items in the national debt under Obama are the Iraq War, the Afganistan War, Medicare Part D, and The Bush Tax Cuts.  Not really Obama's fault stupid.   The economy has added more jobs since Obama took office than it did in his predecessor’s entire eight years in office stupid. The economy lost 8.7 million jobs as a result of the 2007-2009 recession, the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Those losses included 4.4 million jobs lost during Bush’s final year, and another 4.3 million during Obama’s first 13 months in office not really Obama's fault stupid. But since then, all the jobs initially lost under Obama have been regained, plus another 1,564,000 so go fuck yourself stupid liar.   

You are just typical of conservative idiots.  You live in a fantasy world of stupidity.   All you have is lies and stupidity but smart people know how awful Bush was for the economy and how good Obama has been.  Your dishonesty and stupidity are typical of conservatives these days and  why Republicans are such a joke.  


Hahah!!! thanks for the laugh; I am sure it has nothing to do with the demographics; and everything to do with Scott Walker.


So weird that all of the cities that you mention are predominantly African American; are you a racist?  Why is it so you suppose that VA Beach gets so much federal spending? Could it be that the largest Naval Air Base in the world is in that City?

 I don't understand the Austin, TX plug though, Austin has a great economy and is 2 points lower in regards to unemployment in comparision with the rest of the nation.

swmnguy, pulling facts out of his butt again.

green23 topcommenter

@swmnguy  Less than three years ago, all of the conservatives here were predicting economic collapse for the State, including massive unemployment. This was all extremely "obvious" because Dayton got elected. 

Of course, conservatives have been making dire predictions for a long time now. By this point in time, all of the conservatives are supposed to be in FEMA death camps, after all. Gosh, it's weird how conservatives can swear up and down that things will happen, and just forget that they ever said those things when they don't happen. Even stranger is that they seem to think that *everyone else* forgets about those crazy predictions, too.  They don't. 

Now it's time for one of our conservatives to employ their favourite logical fallacy, known as "Libs do it, too!". In this well-worn rhetorical dead end, conservatives essentially cast themselves as being equally bad/stupid/crazy as "the libs", which somehow is supposed to prove that they are *superior* to "the libs". Yep, it's that stupid, but it's their go-to move, isn't it?

mingtran topcommenter

Blue states generally have more meaningless public sector jobs, but they also generally have a more educated workforce. Would have been better if they broke it down by sector


@swmnguy, I agree with everything you said here but I don't understand how you can say all of that and then accuse Conservatives of being "ignorami." Btw, congratulations on your success.  Let's get something straight; I was born and raised in MN and I am not against having a government or limited forms of socialism.  Your blind reasoning that high taxes make a place great is illogical; travel to the East Coast and see what YOUR money is being spent on and you will understand my frustration with the way Minnesotan are being treated.

Minnesotans are the highest taxed people in the nation.  Do you think it is fair that the average Minnesotan pays $16000 a year in federal taxes?  We get about half back, which makes us number fifty in federal expenditures per person.  Our total income tax burden is $100 billion a year, $77 goes to the federal system so coastal jerks can drive around in BMWs, Range Rovers and Mercedes.. cars that not too many people can afford back at home.

Socialism is about personal responsibility, the Democrats have destroyed that concept, and want to try legislate personal responsibility, which leads to people doing the bare-minimum. For instance, there is no responsibility here in Virginia, the government's policy is corporate-communism, work for the Federal government and you're in, your family gets contracts and you get paid $150K a year with benefits to come into work for an hour a day and then pay the black people just enough to keep them from rioting and looting. I am not making this up, I am here and see it every single day.

I would argue that the reason Minnesota is always on the best places lists is because of the Swedish/German culture; it has nothing to do with taxation and it is certainly handicapped by the parasitical Communistic-Democrat government that Farm-Labor laid down to 70 years ago.  If you want to get weedy, why do you think it is important that New York sends a constant stream of Jews to be our Senators?  Socialism is a major threat to Communism, Wellstone was a Socialist and look how it worked out for him.  The leader of the Democratic party is a Black National Socialist whose policies are intended to predominantly elevate black people at the cost of other races and internationally, a Communist (Do you think those nice words for Nelson Mandela weren't sincere?).

In my world it is the most wise to invest in the things that are most productive; if you think it is racist to believe that the wealth of Minnesota should be primarily spent on the advancement of Minnesotans or that we need to forgo the advancement of our state in order to correct past wrongs (that were never committed by our fathers) than that is where we will never agree.  Do not assume that I am ignorant because I disagree with you; social justice for the people of Minnesota is one the interests that I am most passionate about

mingtran topcommenter

You poor person.

swmnguy topcommenter

@j.reiter Go back to troll school. 

Um, yes, you don't get any extra-credit for realizing that military spending is in fact federal government spending.

Texas is commonly known to be a state that's lower on the tax spectrum.  Austin is in Texas.  Austin is also on the list of cities with low unemployment.  See the connection there?

And I've seen enough of the "I know you are but what am I" / "I'm rubber and you're glue" troll bigot gambit.  It's boring as hell.  Find a new trick.

mingtran topcommenter

But you're an Obama dickrider... Remember when he was gonna make everything better? What happened? Apparently people who believe in the Obama Power don't have to follow the same rules. Get over yourself.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@mingtran No matter how much they break it down you would just find an excuse to believe what you want to believe.  Stupid conservatives like you are never smart enough to learn from their mistakes and admit they are wrong.  


@j.reiter What a stupid, weak-tit, lame-assed comment.  Obviously the only intent is to irritate one of the more articulate commenters on this site.  You'll just run and hide like your kind always do.

swmnguy topcommenter

@j.reiterOh, gosh, that's an hilarious retort.  So factual, so focused.

Well, unfortunately I couldn't respond for a few hours because as a business-owner, I had to meet with my corporate clients.  The Fortune 500 are silly, but they spend a lot of money on people like me, and they do tend to headquarter in places like Minnesota.  That's interesting and rather a propos, don't you think; as Minnesota is supposedly a high-tax slaughterhouse of jobs.  Odd.  The biggest employers in the world don't seem to understand that.  Maybe it's ironical?  Or maybe the right-wing antisocial argument against civil society is just a bunch of dog-whistle racism to appeal to ignorami (that's the plural of ignoramus, by the way).

Drunk in the morning?  I wish.  Too busy working to pay taxes, I am.   And even when I am drunk, I recognize the difference between the possessive and a contraction.  Apostrophes, don't you know.  They got to that before the end of 10th grade, when I had to leave school to go to work.

And you angrily painting me as an illogical angry person is pretty funny troll stuff.  It's classic "I know you are but what am I" nonsense.  You'll have to do far better than that.

Or, here's a better idea; you play on your side of the street and I'll leave you alone.


It's not even noon and your drunk! Looks like MN welfare is being well spent by you today.

"Hi, I'm swmnguy, blaa, blaaa, blaaaaah {angry], whamp blabber hissssss ."

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@CinBlueland @mingtran Hey Racist coward cin.  No one cares what you think.   Your cowardly racist ways are why Republicans are such a joke and no one listens to you.  

CinBlueland topcommenter

@mingtran He/She always is good for a laugh. Ignore Detroit, etc.. Increase SEIU thugs makes for a better happy place.

mingtran topcommenter

You can't even read.

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