Twin Cities map breaks down dramatic life expectancy differences by neighborhood [IMAGE]

franklin blight rect.jpg
Being born on one end of Franklin Avenue instead of the other can be the difference between living to 70 and living to 85.
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has put together a series of maps showing the dramatic variations in life expectancy at birth from neighborhood to neighborhood in some large American metros.

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One of the metros featured in an Atlantic Cities blog post about the maps is the Twin Cities, where life expectancies vary by as much as 13 years along one three-mile stretch of I-94 in Minneapolis.

Here's the map (click to enlarge):

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

In the Atlantic blog post, David Fleming, the public health director for Seattle, says, "Most people appreciate at a country level that there are huge disparities in health between the U.S. and, for example, countries in Africa... I think what is not as obvious to most people is that you don't need to go any further than your front door, and most of us are living in communities where those same profound differences occur across much smaller geographic areas."

"In public health, traditionally when we've thought about how we've allocated resources, we tend to think, 'Well, the same amount needs to go proportionally everywhere,'" Fleming continued. "We need to change that. We need to say, 'Actually no, given these huge differences, the fairest way to allocate resources is in proportion to need.'"

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TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

What does that say about personal responsibility?   

Well, it’s not the air...


That map could use a bit more information, it's difficult to tell where things are just going by the river (I'm no tophographer). 

Glossolalia Black
Glossolalia Black

That's 628 Franklin Avenue, a beautiful brick building that has stood empty for years.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@TheConservativeJerk Just when I think you say something that can't possibly make conservatives look more stupid and heartless you pull something new out of your ass.  You truly are a terrible human being.  

Drewey topcommenter

I know Jerk, I just hate when the poor don't chose to make more money. I mean don't they see that then they could afford healthcare and a better education. I just don't understand why everyone doesn't chose to be born into a perfectly supportive family capable of providing a support structure that yields nothing but CEO's. thank you for pointing just how simple life is.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@Glossolalia Black I'm glad they saved it.  That's a pretty building. 


@Glossolalia Black It's nearly completed (if not already) reno'd into new apartments/condos.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@laxx1559 @MicheleBachmann @TheConservativeJerk TCJ is such an evil person that he has made fun of dead children multiple times on here.  When Anoka-Hennepin was having all that trouble with teen suicides kirk made sure to make fun of the dead gay kids.  Very few people are so filled with hate they feel the need to mock a dead child but kirk is one of them.  He is human garbage with an evil bigot soul.

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