Twins blogger uses barfing misadventure to demonstrate art of Twitter storytelling

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Hageman unleashed a string of tweets Bukowski would be proud of.
Over the weekend, the Twins were in Seattle for a series against the Mariners. And blogger Parker Hageman was there with them.

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But we're not writing about Hageman's weekend because of all the baseball he watched. Instead, we couldn't help but be impressed (and grossed out) by the 140-characters-at-a-time tale Hagemen took to Twitter to tell about a misadventure that took place in the lobby of the hotel where he was staying.

Here it is: You might think that sort of disgustingly candid storytelling would net Hageman a few followers, but he says he actually lost half a dozen in the process. Consider it more evidence that genius is often misunderstood.

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Is that genius, or inconsiderate to the hotel workers who had to clean that up? 

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