Warrant issued for on-the-loose sex offender with an epic mullet [PHOTO]

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Rommel Fritz
Yesterday, the Minnesota Department of Corrections issued an alert about Rommel Fritz, a level three predatory sex offender who has been on the loose since Sunday. A warrant is out for his arrest.

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Fritz has been living in the Sandstone area. He's white, 5'08" and 193 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. And assuming he hasn't gotten a haircut, he sports an epic mullet that should make him easy to spot anywhere between here and 1980.

According to a DOC press release, Fritz, 52, is on "Intensive Supervised Release" after he was convicted of first-degree sexual conduct against an underage female. He was released from the Rush City prison in June 2012. The DOC isn't saying what Fritz did to violate the terms of his supervised release.

"He is known for riding his blue Schwinn mountain bicycle and may be pulling a bicycle trailer filled with his belongings," the release continues.

The DOC advises citizens not to approach Fritz if you see him. Instead, call 911 or the DOC's 24-hour tipline at 651-603-0026.

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Ross Levine
Ross Levine

But....if he shaves the mullet, how will we recognize him?!

Alex Browne
Alex Browne

More reasons these low lifes should be put down rather then wasting tax dollars. They obviously don't do a good job of keeping tabs on them.


Mullets are much more late 80s/early 90s than 1980, when people mostly either had long hair, or short hair. Often feathered, not so often mulleted.


I know it's says he had been living in the Sandstone area, but it would be helpful if his actual last known whereabouts was made available (or perhaps it's unknown).

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