Woman selling ex-boyfriend's porn hard drive on Craigslist

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This innocent-looking hard drive probably contains very dirty things, the seller says.
Get it while it's hot!

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A Washington County woman is selling her "Ex Boyfriend's Hard Drive of Porn" for the bargain-basement price of $1 (or the best offer!).

Below is a screengrab of the ad. If you're interested to see the real thing, or possibly purchase the naughty item yourself, click here.

Click to enlarge

So, this guy "was a seriously twisted pervert and there's probably some things on this hard drive that defy logic," eh? Sounds like $1 could be a steal, depending on how kinky you are.

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Lisa Patton
Lisa Patton

I bet she's been contacted by someone who wants to represent her already. Plus CNN, FOX, etc.

Gabriel Millerd
Gabriel Millerd

hilarious if she gets in huge legal issues over the content, copyright or other backfire.

Shorty Aka-Jon The-Baptist
Shorty Aka-Jon The-Baptist

Hahahhahaa. Awesome. Better not ever have an ex sellin my drives. Plenty of locals will get exposure ;) hahhahaaa..... Candi Olson - I've got you on stage at the Fineline for the CD Release too ;) hahhahaaaa


a resume-worthy article. 

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