Al Franken gave roses to same-sex newlyweds [PHOTO]

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Franken, married for nearly 40 years to his wife Franni, gave roses and a message of congratulations to last Thursday's happy couples.
In a classy move, Sen. Al Franken gave roses to each couple that tied the knot last Thursday morning at Minneapolis City Hall.

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That morning, of course, was the first in which same-sex marriage was legal in Minnesota.

Each rose was adorned with a brief message from Al, who wrote, "I give these to Franni every year on our anniversary and so far it's worked. Wishing you as much happiness as we've had over the years. Congratulations!"

Mayor R.T. Rybak uploaded photos of the roses on Facebook...

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... along with this caption:
File under the Department of Nice Touch: Senator Al and Franni Franken donated roses to every newlywed couple at City Hall on Thursday morning. From one of most happily-married couples in Minnesota - and one of the couples most dedicated to all the people of our state - this was perfect. Thank you, Al and Franni.
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