Andy Parrish's crazy college op-ed about rape and guns scanned, sent to City Pages [UPDATE]

Parrish once wrote for the UW-River Falls student paper. Boy, would've been nice had he stayed in Wisconsin.
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Today, a source sent along an op-ed Andy Parrish apparently wrote for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls student newspaper back in February 2004.

The op-ed, entitled "Women should carry guns," is predictably lunatic. In it, Parrish accuses "the left's extreme arrogance" of indirectly causing "hundreds of thousands of women to be raped every year" and pulls statistics out of his ass indicating that "548 women per day [don't] get raped because they protected themselves with a handgun."

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He doesn't mean 548 women per day in the entire world or just in America. He means 548 women per day don't get raped because they're packing heat just in states that allow residents to carry guns in public. Of course, he doesn't cite any sources for any of his numbers.

He also says the National Organization for Women "must want" women to get raped because they're opposed to people openly brandishing firearms wherever they are, whenever they want, and that, of course, makes women more vulnerable to rape than they would be if they walked around town with rocket launchers.

Parrish, formerly one of Michele Bachmann's best buddies and the man who led the (unsuccessful) effort to pass the marriage amendment and the (unsuccessful) effort to block marriage equality, currently works as Julianne Ortman's campaign manager. Ortman, a MNGOP Senator, wants to unseat Al Franken next year. This week, she got in hot water for dramatically exaggerating her resume on her website and Facebook page.

Here's an excerpt of Parrish's op-ed. The whole thing is embedded on page two of this post.
When it comes to a person's right to carry a firearm, especially a woman's, I have never met a liberal who makes sense, or who is consistent. On this topic, the left's extreme arrogance, which I call Mad Democrat Disease (very similar to Mad Cow Disease), indirectly causes hundreds of thousands of women to be raped every year while the left does nothing but condone rape by fighting conceal and carry laws everywhere they are up for a vote.

In states with personal protection acts, more than 200,000 women per year fight off sexual attackers with a gun. That's an average of 548 women per day who do not get raped because they protected themselves with a handgun. In those cases, the gun is never fired 92 percent of the time. It just poses a neutralizing threat to the attacker.

Where are all the feminists at? Don't those silly women over at N.O.W. understand that this is a great way for women to defend themselves and stop being constant victims of men? You would think N.O.W. and other women's rights organizations wouldn't want men to be raping women but they must want these types of attacks since they don't want women to carry guns. As usual these leftists groups never bring logic into anything they do. So why would they start now?

How often have we heard left wing liberal claim guns are evil in and of themselves? When was the last time you saw a gun load itself, jump off a table, walk into school and kill students all on its own?
Parrish concludes his op-ed by writing that he has "to bring this article to a close before the gun store closes. I plan on getting a handgun for my girlfriend so she does not become the statistic of a violent crime."

"Support our troops, support our president and have a great conservative day," he signs off.

Good luck to you, Mrs. Ortman. You're going to need it.

(Click to page two to read Parrish's entire op-ed.)

:::: UPDATE ::::

It's been brought to City Pages' attention that earlier this year, Parrish bashed Franken for making a joke about raping CBS TV journalist Lesley Stahl during his Saturday Night Live days.

Here's a tweet Parrish published on May 31:


Seems awfully hypocritical in light of Parrish's "I plan on getting a handgun for my girlfriend so she does not become the statistic of a violent crime" quip in the op-ed, doesn't it?

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