Anoka-Hennepin locking all doors to elementaries during school days this year

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In the wake of the horrific Newtown school shooting, Anoka-Hennepin Schools is introducing new measures this school year in hopes nothing like that ever happens at one of its elementaries.

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The school district is locking all doors into all its elementaries and requiring visitors to be buzzed into the building by a school official.

Here's the new policy as detailed on the district's website:
In the aftermath of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, entrances to all Anoka-Hennepin elementary schools have been secured to prevent people from entering the school during the day when children are present unless they have a legitimate need to be there.

All doors directly into each elementary school will be locked throughout the day. Visitors will enter the front door into a locked vestibule. The school secretary will be able to see and speak with them either in person or on a video screen. Once the secretary has determined they have a need to be in the school, the secretary will buzz them in, similar to entry to an apartment building.

In addition, a driver's license scanner has been installed. When a visitor scans his or her license, the system prints out a personalized visitor's badge. If a visitor does not have a driver's license, the secretary will type in the visitor's name to generate a badge.
But as Newtown indicated, locking doors isn't a surefire way to prevent a school shooting. Before he killed 20 students and six adult staff members, Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary by shooting his way through a locked glass door.

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"If a visitor does not have a driver's license, the secretary will type in the visitor's name to generate a badge."  Am I missing something here?  It also seems like an id and a kid verifying it is a parent or legit relative should be enough.  Screw the double door setup or video camera.  Time to save a little more money for private school.


not news. this may not deter somebody who wants to shoot and kill your kids, but it, along with many other initiatives, will help protect children. and it's a common conversation around the country. check out what Bloomington is planning to do.

REALITY CHECK: you cannot protect your children from a gun-toting lunatic 100 percent of the time.

Drewey topcommenter

Locking the doors is such a stupid and inconvenient way to deter entry.  The obvious most convenient solution is adolescent conceal carry laws.  I mean, if you're not packing heat by 6 maybe 7 tops, you are just making yourself a victim.  


What a bunch of nonsense.  As a parent, all this does is inconvenience parents.  Well, where my kids have gone to school, it would also keep out the occasional street person, or person looking to get a drink at the water fountain, or use the bathroom, or borrow the phone.  But a lock on a door is not going to keep out an armed maniac.  Just inconvenience ordinary, law-abiding citizens.

But of course, that's the point of Security Theater; inconvenience regular people in the name of security, and the more gullible among them will feel safer.  Much cheaper than having decent mental health care and sensible weapons procedures.

Brad McGraw
Brad McGraw

I was under the impression pretty much every school had this implemented years ago? It should be noted that doors are only locked on the outside, which is quite different from prison.

Kevin Green
Kevin Green

Gee like DUH ! What genius did they have to consult to figure this one out . Next they might consider what are the priorities of law enforcement, guarding the banks or guarding the children? What do taxpayers want protected ? Their kids of course. Maybe post the squad cars outside the schools until they get a call . Especially around the grade schools. And Homeland Security.. where do they belong if not protecting every school ???


@Akiva Benavraham Have fun having a teen parent on your hands.  EVERY kid I know who was homeschooled got knocked up or knocked someone up before they finished high school.

digitalprotocol topcommenter

@Kevin Green ya that is what homeland security should be doing

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