Blaine "Horny InfoWarrior" casual encounters ad called Craigslist post of the year [PHOTOS]

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Buzz's fingers say, "Fuck you." His casual encounter post indicates he might want to do that literally.
Ladies -- single, straight, and looking for something casual? Maybe with a man who is passionate about politics and likes to give even more than receive, if you catch my drift?

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Well then, do we have the guy for you! His name is Mike (or "BUZZ"), he's a 33-year-old father of one who lives in Blaine, and as the title of his Craigslist "Casual Encounters" ad says, he's a "Horny InfoWarrior looking for same for fuck buddie."

The ad is a hoot. In fact, it's so unintentionally hilarious that Uproxx has already proclaimed it the 2013 Craigslist Ad of the Year.

Where to begin? Perhaps let's start with Buzz's biographical details:
I am Mike or "BUZZ", a single father of a great 4yr old daughter. I am, for her sake and that of the world she will herniate from me, an active member of the Minnesota Resistance to the NWO and all enemies of liberty. I am an active target of the government (specifically Anoka County Sheriff James Stuart) who is very busy with a divorce, custody battle, a foreclosure, several court cases based on lies and blatant Violations of my rights, Home Schooling, and the preparation for the war to come.
That's all well and good (and extremely complicated), but let's face it -- people turn to Craigslist "Casual Encounters" to hook up, not to read autobiographies or political manifestos. So on that note...
I am a white man.
I am attracted to white women.
I am not fat, but I certainly don't have a 6-pack.
I watch animated shows and movies only - except porn - lots of porn, I'm a single guy, need i say more.
I have no diseases, but drugs are fine so long as they don't come from a doctor - Drugs are not an issue irresponsible behavior with no regard for morals, health, obligations or others is. POT IS NOT A DRUG!! Everyone should smoke it.
I love eatin pussy more than fucking and it is a requirement.
Indifferent to having my dick sucked - it seems like it is hard to do while being eaten out, so why bother. I am way more into getting a woman off than vise-verse.
I am cuddly, and not into anything any weird sexual shit - Just a simple, antisocial guy looking to eat some pussy till you demand I fuck you.
Buzz isn't looking to share his bed with models. In fact, he likes gals "with small imperfections and quarks that most woman would consider flaws, but really just make you unique and relateable and therefore SEXY, so does confidence. Nerds, Computer Geeks and funny girls especially welcome."

Take it from us, Buzz -- any woman who earnestly responds to your ad will certainly have her share of "small imperfections" and "quarks," whatever the hell those are.

To see a couple more photos of Blaine's hottest horny InfoWarrior, click to page two.

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