Bloody man pounds on door of Brooklyn Center hotel, dies before he can say what happened

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The scene outside Super 8 this morning.
Around 3:30 this morning, a man was found shot to death outside a Super 8 hotel in Brooklyn Center.

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The Star Tribune, citing police, reports that the victim's "last gasps [were] taken as he pounded on a door near the parking lot."

According to Brooklyn Center Police Commander Tim Gannon, the visibly bloody man tried to get the attention of staff, and staff called police.

"Officers tried to give life-saving measures to him, but he passed away at the scene" without saying anything to police about what happened to him, Gannon said, according to the Strib.

Gannon said it appears the man may have walked to the hotel parking lot from a nearby Denny's. Investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened.

The victim's identity hasn't been released yet, but authorities say he was between 20 and 30 years old. No arrests have been made in connection with the shooting.

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Wendy Jo
Wendy Jo

Another incident 2night across the street by Mr. BBQ.


Wow, it's like a game of ghetto Clue. It was Col. Crackpipe in the parking lot with the HiPoint!


Brooklyn Center used to be a very nice area back in the day until it turned into Detroit when the Negroes took over. Now it is a filth bucket. Sad. 


There are so many good people in this community and so much garbage.  Usually this area doesn't have random violence but still has to happen next door to good people.

Lars Larson
Lars Larson

Just blocks away from the massive new FBI complex.


@TC4L You can only blame Democrats for imposing section 8 housing into the area. Brooklyn Center used to be called the "Edina of the Northern suburbs". Brookdale mall used to be a showcase mall that was the pinnacle of 1960's architecture.

Then they moved in.................................. 

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