Bradlee Dean calls Barack Obama a "homo" [AUDIO]

bradlee dean ditch rect.jpg
When he isn't busy giving ditch-side speeches, Dean spews crap during his radio show.
Comments made by Bradlee Dean and sidekick Jake McMillan during this weekend's edition of Bradlee's radio show up the ante as far as the duo's preposterousness goes -- and that's saying something.

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During an anti-gay diatribe, McMillan claimed that "half of the murders in large cities were committed by homosexuals." As is often the case with other right wing nuts and the outrageous claims they make, McMillan cited no source for his "statistic."

McMillan's explanation for all the murderous gays? "This is where it goes right back to scripture. God did call this an abomination, when a person's mind has gone to that extent of committing an abominable act -- sin -- it shows what else they are capable of," he said.

Here's the audio of that exchange:

Not to be outdone, Dean, who just over two years ago was invited by the MNGOP to lead a prayer at the legislature, attempted to explain why "everybody jumped on the wagon" of gay rights causes in recent years by alleging it all starts with our "homosexual" President.

"They got their homo in office, right?" Bradlee said. "They got their homosexual in office that says, you know what, let's go for this."

As evidence of Barack's gayness, Dean cited a 2012 World Nut Net Daily piece by Jerome Corsi that claims Obama's "participation in the 'gay' bar and bathhouse scene [in Chicago] was so well known that many who were aware of his lifestyle were shocked when he ran for president and finally won the White House."

Corsi's sources? A Hillary Clinton activist and an unnamed "member of the East Bank Club in Chicago," among other similarly questionable ones.

Here's that audio:

Finally, Bradlee spent a couple minutes railing against Rachel Maddow. Dean, you'll recall, filed a ridiculously unsuccessful defamation lawsuit against Maddow that culminated with a judge ordering him to pay her legal expenses.

Bradlee, who last year mocked Maddow's looks on Facebook, has now taken to calling her "shim" (a combination of "she" and "him").

Here, if you can stand to listen to it, is that audio:

h/t -- Right Wing Watch

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Scares the hell out of me that people listen to this garbage. They have to be listening for the comedy, right?

I swear Bradley Smith is mentally ill. 

And where the hell is this garbage being broadcast?

k2yeb topcommenter

I need to evaluate my life choices that brought me here. 


Does this mean he'll stop speculating about whether Obama is a Muslim?


Gotta admit... I think I'll laugh when this guy finally works himself up into an angry little heart attack.

CinBlueland topcommenter

Honestly Aaron, why do you keep giving this guy pixels? I literally had no idea who he was until you started your mini-jihad against him.. Well when you weren't digging around in Michelle Bachmann's dumpster.


@atrupar HAHA! "HOMO" brings me back to 7 grade, such a simple, old school insult. Dean's a creep 2 much time recruiting at Middle Schools

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

@CinBlueland Well world's stupidest crybaby Bradlee Dean is a news story because he is a bigot with ties to the Minnesota Republican Party.  Republicans made him part of the news by inviting him to give the opening prayer at the state capitol.  Remember that stupid fucking crybaby?  Rupar didn't do that, Republicans did.  Asshole.   Michele Bachmann raised money for him and helped him preach his insane religious beliefs to schoolkids.  So when he says something stupid and offensive its news if only so liberals can laugh at what a bunch of stupid out of touch losers all Republicans are.   Maybe if you would use your powers of whining to get rid of bigot Republicans instead of crying about the media doing their job Republicans would be in a better place.  

ajlalk3 topcommenter

@CinBlueland Yep, City Pages is the only place I ever see anything about this turd.

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