Demarcus Chaney arrested for Whittier stranger rape

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Demarcus Chaney
A few weeks after releasing World of Wireless security stills showing two men Minneapolis police characterized as "persons of interest" in connection with a June 24 stranger rape in the Whittier neighborhood, Minneapolis police say they've made an arrest.

THE BACKSTORY: MPD releases images of Whittier stranger rape "persons of interest" [PHOTOS]

Demarcus Chaney, 32, has been arrested and charged with two counts of felony criminal sexual conduct. The other man shown in the stills "was arrested and released after further investigation revealed that the DNA testing in this case was matched to the DNA profile of Demarcus Nasson Chaney," an MPD press release says.

The June 24 rape happened at 2:20 a.m. in an alley near Franklin Avenue West and Lyndale Avenue South. Two days later, another stranger rape occurred around 2 a.m. on the 2800 block of Stevens Avenue South. In both cases, the female victims were walking by themselves, and both victims provided police with a similar description of the suspect.

Hours after the June 24 rape, the two "persons of interest" were videotaped trying to sell the victim's phone at the Lyn-Lake World of Wireless. According to the release, Chaney was identified as one of the suspects by someone who recognized him in the security stills.

"Once the pictures were released, the lead investigator was contacted by a probation officer and a correctional officer with information about the suspect," the release says.

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swmnguy topcommenter

I hope this is the right guy, and the rapist is off the streets.  This kind of thing is rare, and should be non-existent.

Ran Dazzle
Ran Dazzle

looks like a great guy..parents should be proud


@swmnguy It probably isn't the right guy. The MPD is known for racial profiling (see Green Bay story). In all likelihood this man was targeted only due his race. Knowing how the MPD is racist and likes to make up fake charges against innocent African Americans, this innocent man is most likely to get convicted and face a horrible 10 days in jail. We need to stand up against this horrible racial profiling here in Minneapolis. I am so sick and tired of seeing innocent African Americans being targeted and profiled when all they are doing is trying to succeed in life (I know this for a fact because Al Sharpton said so.....I saw it on MSNBC somewhere.....I think it was on the Rachel Madden Show.) 

Instead of targeting African Americans (who produce up to the 99% of the American GDP), the MPD should be targeting the REAL criminals: Those evil white men in business suits who create 80% of jobs in America, but who have the damn nerve to drive BMW's, Porches, and Mercedes. These evil bastards have the fucking nerve to think that because they got an education and had to work for a living that they have the right to own lakeshore homes in Wayzata and Lake Minnetonka? While the rest of us who didn't even bother to graduate from high school have to suffer working $7.50/hr jobs at Target and Wal-Mart? Evil, I say, Evil!

Maybe if the greedy white people would offer "living wage" jobs to African Americans, maybe they wouldn't have to resort to crime. I think that is about high time to offer African Americans (and for that matter, any American who make bad life decisions) a $25/hr job with full health and dental care, a 401(k), paid 3-week vacations and paid time off (when you get really fucked up and can't show up for work).

This is the only way America can succeed. Rape the job providers. And reward the lazy.

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@kennyX @swmnguy Lots of people with college degrees are working for $7.25/hour because of decades of money-grubbing have left us bankrupt. Please don't lump us in with lazy drop-outs. If you ever worked 60+ hours a week just to make ends meet, you'd understand this. You'd develop a fonder appreciation for goods and services. Pretty profound, considering KennyX's life of privilege has clearly only left him bitter.


@kennyX @swmnguy  - Apparently, kennyx is trying to channel Andy Kaufman. And what is the "DLF?"

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