Eden Prairie vets save golden retriever from his lunch

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Dani Akenson for BluePearl
Gordon the golden recovering after his vet removed these rocks from his stomach.
Even dogs have cravings. And Gordon's happen to be for rocks.

On Wednesday, the 7-year-old golden retriever chowed down on 16 garden stones and had to be rushed into emergency surgery to remove them.

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"You don't see too many dogs that eat this many rocks usually," said Dr. Jeff Yu, the surgeon at BluePearl Veterinary Partners in Eden Prairie who operated on Gordon, in a statement. "Most dogs will stop after one or two, but Gordon certainly had quite the hankering for some rocks."

So did the rocks taste like bacon? Did Gordon think they were a chew toy? The golden's owner says that only his dog could explain why he chose to eat rocks when he's always well fed.

Gordon's recovering well after surgery, and his vet saved the rocks to put on a scale. Turns out Gordon's 16 rocks were heavier than a couple of steaks. They weighed in at 1.79 pounds.

Here's what they looked like in Gordon's stomach:

Dani Akenson for BluePearl
Gordon's X-Ray

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