Gerald Sunsdahl accused of sending death threat to former neighbor

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Gerald Sunsdahl, 52, charged with making terroristic threats and attempted coercion.

Albeit crude and hilariously misspelled, the message contained in a handwritten threat that was left inside a northwest Minnesota man's mailbox is clear: "Be Quite or your family dead."

The author of that malignant missive, according to a Pennington County criminal complaint, is Gerald Sunsdahl, 52, of Thief River Falls.

He's accused of trying to extort $500,000 out of his former neighbors if they did not agree to leave the money along a specific highway marker in three installments.

The two-page letter, which was attached to the complaint, says in part, "We are asking For 500,000 Thousand dollor in cash. We have stacked out your place for 3 months. We got your house Buged We can hear you AT ALL Time's.

"There are 3 guy's that are watching you at all times. Sharp shooters."

A couple of charges have been filed, and more could be on the way. The Grand Forks Herald has more details:

According to the complaint from Pennington County Attorney Alan Rogalla, each of the two felony counts -- making terroristic threats and attempted coercion -- carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

But Rogalla said Tuesday he is finalizing six other felony counts against Sunsdahl, in conjunction with a state tax department investigation, alleging he misused his power of attorney over his parents' assets and failed to pay taxes on his income from it.

It appears Sunsdahl extorted his neighbor in June to "replenish" his parents' accounts he had drained, Rogalla said.

Sunsdahl remained in the Pennington County jail Tuesday under a bond of $10,000 cash or $100,000 surety.

He sure could use some money now.

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swmnguy topcommenter

Clearly there's more going on in this situation.  None of it positive for Mr. Sunsdahl or anyone who has to depend on him, of course.

Jean Claude Cau
Jean Claude Cau

He will experience bugery in jail, or should I say buggery.

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