Houseboat sinks in the St. Croix [PHOTO]

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City Pages cover by Benjamin Carter Grimes
One of the cardinal rules of life on a houseboat, as we reported in this month's "The Real Houseboats of the Mississippi," is that all boats want to be submarines: they sink.

The latest area casualty is a 60-foot, three-story houseboat docked in Hudson, Wis.

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When a public works employee was making his rounds around 4 a.m. today, he spotted the boat a ways below the St. Croix River and called the Fire Department, who secured the scene and confirmed that no one was aboard.

The boat was tied up at a city dock run by the riverboat company Afton-Hudson Cruise Lines. This morning, Afton-Hudson called the boat's owners and brought in an environmental company to contain the damage.

"It sunk half-way," explains Dan Jarvis, co-owner of the cruise line. Jarvis says he won't be able to tell where the leak came from until the boat's out of the water, and that he'll "probably end up bringing a barge out" to tow the boat onto land.

There's bad news for the boat's neighbors, too: the boat didn't go down alone. It was tied to the dock, and when the boat sank, it pulled the dock down with it.

"We're coming into a really busy holiday weekend with boats, and the docks are broken too," says Jarvis. "It's really unfortunate."

Check out the boat:

courtesy Dan Jarvis

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Chris Peden
Chris Peden

Oh oh the bleeding hearts probably want to out law house boats from the river now. Because gas and oil got into the water and polluted it. It would better for the environment to only have canoes on the river....


Who cares?

The 1%-ers don't deserve to own such luxury items to begin with. 

MNjoe topcommenter

@Chris Peden Yes Chris, you're so perceptive - that's exactly what we want to do. That's why there are dozens of comments about that on here - oh wait - just yours, moron.

MNjoe topcommenter

@kennyX Apparently you do - or you wouldn't be the first to comment.

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