Hurricane Michele Bachmann? Climate Name Change wants to name extreme storm after her [VIDEO]

We'd never root for a hurricane to occur, but if one has to happen, can you imagine a better name for it?
An organization called Climate Name Change thinks the Katrinas and Sandys of the world don't deserve to be associated with the extreme storms that bore their names.

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Instead, they want to name storms after climate change deniers in Congress. You know, folks like Michele Bachmann.

A petition to the World Meteorological Organization toward that end has been signed by about 25,000 people as of this morning, and the group put together this cool video depicting what news coverage of Hurricane Michele Bachmann would look and sound like:

Of course, since Bachmann believes extreme weather is one way God punishes us for being too liberal, if we applied Climate Name Change's logic to her line of thinking we'd give storms names like Hurricane God, Tropical Storm Jesus, Cyclone Holy Spirit, and so forth.

Then again, it's generally not a good idea to apply Michele's line of thinking to anything.

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