Bloody Iowa undergrad tells cops: "Of course I'm drunk, it's Thursday night in Iowa City" [MUGSHOT]

Last night, Alexander Kinzel provided a timely demonstration of Iowa University's party culture.
Just days after the University of Iowa was named America's top party school, a 21-year-old undergrad named Alexander Kinzel went out and proved why.

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Late last night, Kinzel was allegedly involved in a fight at an Iowa City bar. And when police caught up to him and asked what was going on, he came up with the sort of reply you'd only get at the nation's premier college party destination.

From the police report (emphasis ours):
[T]he Def. was seen walking SB on Clinton St. after being identified by witnesses as being the individual who was involved in a fight at a nearby bar. He had no shirt on and had blood on his arms and face. He was given a PBT and the result was a .247 BAC. Def. then stated "of course I'm drunk, it's Thursday night in Iowa City." Def. was at Bo James and was asked to leave the bar by bar staff and would not do so. Def. then became physical with staff before being escorted out by the bar staff. Def. was offered a second PBT which was a .248 BAC.
Eat your heart out, Wisconsin! (By the way, UW-Madison clocked in as the eighth-best party school on the Princetown Review list.)

Kinzel was charged with a misdemeanor count of public intoxication. It's a small price to pay for a quote that classic, in our estimation.

h/t -- The Smoking Gun

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swmnguy topcommenter

So he got a little drunker between the first and second Breathalyzer tests?


Yup.  Your BAC goes up for two hours after the last drink.  If someone gets a DUI, the police always, not opinion since some police will admit to this, keep you in a holding cell for about an hour.  They take it you were driving from a place and the last drink was shortly before leaving.  Say 15 minutes before leaving, 15 minutes in car, 30 minutes in cop car, 1 hr in cell.  Then they say blow to get that peak level.

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