Julianne Ortman, GOP Franken challenger, taking heat for exaggerating her resume

According to Ortman, she's done pretty much everything but cure cancer.
In recent days, Michael Brodkorb, harkening back to his days blogging for Minnesota Democrats exposed, has been on a one-man mission to publicize at least two pretty dramatic exaggerations in Julianne Ortman's resume.

On her website, Ortman, an MNGOP Senator from the southwest suburbs who is seeking the GOP endorsement to challenge Al Franken next year, claims that she, in partnership with her husband Ray, has argued "several very high profile and ground-breaking cases in state and federal court, and in the United States Supreme Court."

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Furthermore, her Facebook page suggests she was directly and personally involved in the U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Obamacare, stating she "was one of many from across the nation who argued in the Supreme Court that the plan violated the limits of the Commerce Clause; ultimately the Court agreed, but upheld the mandates in Obamacare as a constitutional use of Congress's power to tax."

Here's what Brodkorb's research revealed about those claims: A MinnPost report succinctly summarizes the controversy:
According to Brodkorb, an official with the U.S. Supreme Court says Ortrman has never been admitted to the high court bar and has never argued a case before the justices.

As for the Ortman's statement about her role in opposing the Affordable Care Act, Brodkorb says Ortman was in session at the Minnesota Legislature in March, 2012, when the U.S. Supreme Court was hearing the arguments. She was, he acknowledged, a signer to an amicus brief, as was state representative and GOP candidate for governor Kurt Zellers.

Ortman's campaign manager, Andy Parrish, maintains the resume claims are accurate, that a brief is part of a Supreme Court case and that Ortman's husband did argue before the justices as part of a legal team with a firm where he once worked.
Wait, Ortman's campaign manager is Andy Parrish? Given his recent track record of failure (Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign, the marriage amendment push, fighting against marriage equality) we probably shouldn't be surprised Ortman's U.S. Senate bid is bumbling and stumbling out of the gates.

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Jeff Cagle
Jeff Cagle

Serious question: Why is Andy Parrish running her campaign?

swmnguy topcommenter

Yes, Ortman is a pathetic liar.  Anyone who has been paying attention to Minnesota politics has known this for a while.

But I can't figure out Brodkorb's deal.  He's like a reverse Christopher Hitchens in a weird way.  A lot of sensible people never trusted either one of them, even when they appeared to be on the same team.  Then when they (Hitchens, Brodkorb) flipped, the venomous reality of the 180-degree turn was such that neither their old or new enemies and friends should take any comfort in it.

Sometimes the enemy of your enemy is still such a raving asshole that he mustn't ever be your friend.

Funny to watch Brodkorb savage the loathsome likes of Ortman, though.  Good Times.

Ronda Schultz
Ronda Schultz

Big Deal..She lied..isn't that what politicians do??? GOOO AL!!


I would still vote for her over Al any day!


If we had more republicans like Bordkord and John Kriesal that check there own party, I would be have a lot (meaning some) more respect for repubs.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

I love that professional asshole Brodkorb has turned his asshole guns at the GOP.  Ha ha ha ha. 

digitalprotocol topcommenter

andy parrish is responsible for this...

this place sucks


@forrealsyo  - We are happy for you.

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