Kevin Haynes finally charged with 1996 North Side rape of 82-year-old woman

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Kevin Haynes
Nearly 17 years after an 82-year-old woman was raped in an alley near the 3300 block of Aldrich Avenue North, Kevin Haynes has been charged in connection with the crime.

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Why did it take so long? According to an WCCO report, back in November 1996, DNA technology hadn't yet advanced to the point where a small sample found at the crime scene could be tested with accuracy. But that's not the case now, and thanks to a grant from the National Institute of Justice, the MPD is taking a second look into cold cases like this one.

The criminal complaint says the woman was walking her dog in the alley when Haynes pulled her between two garages and told her to fork over all her money. She was raped after she told him she had none.

Haynes is in Wisconsin serving time for a rape conviction, but according to the 'CCO report, he'll return to Minnesota this week to face a felony charge in connection with the '96 incident.

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This is a saaad case and I am sorry this happened to a fellow woman but the man u see is named Keith Haynes, not Kevin Haynes. Either Minnesota or Wisconsin has majorly screwed up and is causing turmoil by plastering the wrong name across the world, saying that he's a rapist. He's lost his income because of this and can't get it back until he hires a lawyer. Ridiculous. They have posted the right pic with the wrong name and its costing an innocent man money and time that he doesn't have. I told him to sue the pants off of everyone he can.


"...fork over..." That's some talented writing. 

christine 16
christine 16

Aldrich. Aldrich Avenue. I worry when people can't spell a common street name, that none of the facts have been verified. 

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