Macalester student makes unbelievable game-ending wiffle ball catch [VIDEO]

In wiffle ball, players don't wear gloves, but that doesn't mean they aren't capable of making ridiculous catches.
Over the weekend, Macalester student Konnor Fleming made a web gem-worthy catch during a televised wiffle ball tournament played on a field in Vermont that's a mini version of Fenway Park.

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Fleming, a native of the Green Mountain State, is a defensive back on the Mac football team. But if this catch is any indication of his outfielding skills, he should probably consider picking up baseball and becoming a two-sport star.

Without further ado, here's video of his catch, which has been viewed nearly 200,000 times during its first two days on YouTube:

Though the footage shows one umpire initially ruling the play a home run since Fleming carried the ball over the fence, that call was eventually overturned, and Fleming's snag ended up finishing off a shutout victory for his team.

Makes you want to head outside with a dozen or so friends and the ol' plastic bat and ball, doesn't it?

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