Maria Caya, teacher who had 0.27 BAL during field trip, paid $18,000 to resign

Caya showed up to the last day of school plastered, but the school district still isn't confident they'd be able to fire her.
In June, Maria Caya, a 50-year-old fourth-grade teacher in Janesville, Wisconsin, got absolutely obliterated during a school field trip to a bowling alley. She passed out, was brought to the emergency room, and ended up clocking in with a BAL of 0.27.

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But instead of punishment, Caya's shockingly irresponsible behavior actually resulted in her receiving a huge windfall.

According to an AP report, Caya is receiving an $18,000 payout in exchange for her resignation. The reason? The Janesville School District is concerned they'd incur legal costs amounting to more than $18,000 if they battled over Caya's termination with the local teachers union.

Furthermore, district officials aren't even sure they'd be able to successfully drop the ax -- School Board President Greg Ardrey told the AP he was concerned Caya could be reinstated, which would've put the parents of kids in her class in a difficult position.

The report goes on to state that the $18,000 figure is based on the number of sick days Caya accumulated during her 14-year career.

And liberals wonder why conservatives sometimes look upon unions with scorn...

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