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Buy one of Duluth Pack's newest bags and you'll take a piece of the Dome home with you -- literally.
Sure, the Metrodome is ugly, but it has been the site of some of the most memorable moments in Minnesota sports history.

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With the stadium slated for demolition following the upcoming Vikings series, Duluth Pack is hoping you'll consider purchasing a piece of the Dome to take with you -- or maybe even out on the town, depending on your sense of fashion.

The company is selling bags made from the Teflon-coated fiberglass fabric that served as the Dome's roof up until it collapsed during the December 2010 snowstorm.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, in 2011, Jim Cunningham, an announcer for the Minnesota Twins, and businessman Tim O'Phelan paid $4,000 for the entire inner layer of the Dome, a swath of material spanning about three acres. Only after they purchased it did they notice how perfect it would be for bags, and they then contacted Duluth Pack

"You can't rip it. It's waterproof. It's kind of like the materials Duluth Pack uses," O'Phelan told the Tribune.

Duluth Pack officials were intrigued by the idea, and ended up following through by creating $485 duffel bags and $160 shell bags from the material. You can buy them online or at the Duluth Pack store in Duluth's Canal Park.

Here's a couple images of the bags:



Just don't try to bring a Dome bag into the actual Metrodome during a Vikings game, as the damn things are too big to be safely brought into an NFL stadium, according to the league's new bag policy.

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Frank TheTank
Frank TheTank

This was awesome until I saw the price of the bags. Robbery. Considering where the funding came from for the stadium, (e.g. tax payers) perhaps a better idea would be to auction them off for a local charity instead of individuals making a profit off of something that was at least partially publicly funded.


@Frank TheTank  Duluth Packs last For. Ever.  I still regularly take one into the woods with me that is almost as old as I am.  It was torn apart by bears TWICE and Duluth Pack fixed it good as new for about $20.  I've never dealt with a company that stands behind their products like Duluth Pack.  They may be spendy, but your kids will still be using them when you are long gone.  That's worth paying for in my opinion.

jason.dorweiler topcommenter

@_Joe_ Common Frank, what business are you in that isn't capitalizing from someone else?

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