Minneapolis Public Schools take a couple heat days: Top 10 tweets

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Better late than never?
Yesterday evening, Minneapolis Public Schools announced that class is canceled today and tomorrow at schools in the city that don't have air conditioning.

With temperatures hovering around 90 degrees, that makes sense, but it raises the question -- why in God's name was class held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, when it was even hotter than it's supposed to be today?

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As you'd expect, folks on Twitter offered up some humorous takes on the issue. Below, we run down the 10 best we've seen.

10. From yesterday morning, before the cancelations were announced: 9. 8. 7. What students are saying about the heat days: 6. And here's the adult perspective:

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Melissa Brandt
Melissa Brandt

If the city schools were as properly accommodated as the suburban schools this wouldn't be an issue. Why are some people so upset that they cancelled school because of record high temps and no AC? Would they expect students to go to school and be able to effectively learn if there were no heat in the dead of winter?

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