Minnesota loves college porn [GRAPHIC]

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The top two Pornhub search terms in Minnesota suggest we like 'em young.
Pornhub has released state-by-state data regarding which, um, terms get searched the most in each state and how long each user, ahem, browses the site during a typical visit.

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Turns out porn browsers' favorite thing up here in the Land of 10,000 Wankers is "college," followed by "teen" and "creampie." As far as the rest of the Midwest goes, the three most popular search terms are the same in Wisconsin and Iowa (just in a slightly different order), while Dakotans are more fond of "MILFs," with South Dakotans having a particular taste for "POV" videos.

At just over 10 minutes, the length of a typical Minnesota jerk or rub (c'mon, what else do people use Pornhub for?) is slightly below the national average and nearly two minutes shy of the 12-minute sessions enjoyed by Mississippians.

Here's a graphic breaking down each state's top Pornhub search term and average visit length (click to enlarge):


Don't let Utah's blankness on the map fool you -- Mormons enjoy porn too. In fact, some of them apparently like it really dirty, as "hentai" is the third most popular search term there.

If you're up for browsing through all of Pornhub's interactive state-by-state data for yourself, click to page two.

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