Minnesota Majority isn't dead... yet

McGrath remains employed for at least another week.
Voter ID may be a dead issue, but the state's leading pro-voter ID group lives on -- barely.

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Last Tuesday, Minnesota Majority announced it needed to raise $20,000 before the week was through to stay alive. That didn't seem likely at the time, but somehow, they got it done.

In a statement released today, Dan McGrath, president of the group, said: "I'm overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from our grassroots members. Over the last several days, we have been receiving a steady stream of mostly small contributions, ranging from $5 to $25 each. I'm pleased to announce that we currently have sufficient funding to meet our immediate obligations."

But read close and you'll see hints that while Minnesota Majority may have the funds to stay in operation for now, there's no guarantee that'll remain the case for long.

John Rouleau, the group's executive director and the man who was almost trampled by a bull at the Dakota County Fair last week, told Politics in Minnesota, "For the time being we will continue to operate" (emphasis ours), and a Facebook post from this morning says, "Fundraising remains a challenge this year, but we fight on."

Makes us wonder whether the group's survival might really be the work of liberals who contributed in order to make sure the DFL preserves its majorities in the legislature next year...

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Sammy L Cater
Sammy L Cater

need id to buy smokes/beer..... need to show id in ER....need dl to drive car....need id @ bank why not need one to vote, makes since to me

Drewey topcommenter

Since we don't seem to have the option to pay to watch a monkey fuck a football, I'd be willing to throw a couple bucks at these guys, as they are a close second in terms of entertainment value

k2yeb topcommenter

Group is ridiculous and shameful. With that said, City Pages isn't exactly open minded when it comes to conservative groups and generally uses humor or shame to shun them. Good work hypocrites. Glad you support free speech, regardless of venue, cause, or method. Your bias is negligent at best. Considering the spelling errors and source citing, this isn't a surprise. 

Advocates, Lobbyists, and Publicists for both parties are idiots generally as they point fingers and "facts" at everyone but themselves.  "I disagree with you, so you must be wrong".  Can we get our news without motive please? 


@Sammy L Cater  - Not everyone drives, smokes, or drinks. Some folks don't even have a birth certificate.



1. Supporting free speech does not cancel out anyone's right to ridicule buffoons.  This is one of those rare instances where we get to have our cake and eat it too.

2. Discussions about bias are for real news organizations.  This is a city rag.

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