Minnesota mayor compares pot with cyanide

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Suffice it to say Mayor Stiehm won't be making an appearance at the Hemp Fest.
On September 15, hemp advocates in Austin, Minnesota, are holding the Minnesota Hemp Fest at Bandshell Community Park.

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The festival is billed as a drug-free, bring-your-kids sort of event. But as far as Austin Mayor Tom Stiehm is concerned, organizers might as well be holding the Minnesota Cyanide Fest.

In comments made to the Austin Daily Herald, Stiehm acknowledged that hemp and marijuana laws aren't city issues, and said, "It's not my job as mayor to bring up an issue that we're going to have no bearing on anyway and divide Austin over it."

But then he went ahead and did so anyway.

"I spent 30 years in law enforcement," Stiehm said. "There's worse things than marijuana, but there's worse things than cyanide, too. That doesn't make it good."

With folks who think along those lines leading the fight, it's no wonder Attorney General Eric Holder came out last week and basically admitted that America's 40-year-old "war on drugs" has been a failure.

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