MPD issues alert about downtown muggings

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The MPD believes the same group of suspects is targeting people walking downtown by themselves for muggings.
The MPD is asking people to be especially vigilant in downtown Minneapolis following a string of four muggings during the past week.

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"What we're seeing in this pattern is victims walking downtown by themselves on a sidewalk outside, and they're approached by a group of three to five African American males," MPD spokeswoman Cyndi Barrington told City Pages. "The average age range of the [suspects] is late teens to early 20s. Victims are punched and pushed to the ground, and their phones and wallets are taken."

The primary location of the incidents has been Marquette Avenue to 1st Avenue North, according to the MPD.

Barrington said the muggings have taken place both at day and night.

An email alert distributed by the MPD provides these crime prevention tips if you're out and about downtown (or anywhere else in the city for that matter):
-- Please, be aware of groups forming and notify Police through 911.

-- Keep an eye out for people who could easily be victimized (too much alcohol; by themselves; from out of town, or late in the evening)

-- Warn those with behaving in a way that could lead to victimization (leaving purses/brief cases unattended; smart phones left visible on a table or bar; or just inattention to their surroundings)
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