New NFL policy bans purses from Vikings games

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During a recent press conference, a Vikings official held up an example of a purse that won't be allowed at games this season.
Ever arrived at the Metrodome for a Vikings game with just a few minutes to spare before kickoff, only to be forced to endure an extremely slow line to get into the stadium as everyone in attendance is patted down and all bags are inspected?

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The NFL is trying to prevent that from happening this season at stadiums across the league. But toward that end, it's implementing a policy that will be a pain in the ass, especially for female fans.

Essentially, fans will no longer be able to bring purses into NFL stadiums, including the Metrodome. Here, via, is a breakdown of what's allowed and what isn't (click to enlarge):


During a recent news conference, a team official acknowledged that while the move is intended to increase safety and expedite the process of getting into a game, "It's going to be a significant change for our fans."

"We're going to encourage our fans to not bring any bags into the stadium on gameday, but obviously we know that won't be feasible for all fans," the official said, adding that all season-ticket holders will be mailed clear tote bags like the one shown in the above graphic.

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