Pedal Pub Accident: Video of riders pushing stalled vehicle uphill

Categories: Accidents

We found out this afternoon that Pedal Pubs don't handle hills well.

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In particular, if you are careening down a steep hill at a high rate of speed, and try to take a tight corner, the Pedal Pub has a tendency to tip over like an SUV.

But as the video below shows, Pedal Pubs can also be stymied by steep inclines.

This footage was taken on 5th Street outside the City Pages offices several months ago because it was too ridiculous not to film.

The riders were not able to power the pub up the steep incline with their puny, beer-addled legs, so they had to get off and push.

Pushing Pedal Pub Uphill from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Just another sign that these rolling menaces are not fit for our fine roadways.

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