Plans unveiled for another six-floor mixed-use Dinkytown development

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Renderings from the city of Minneapolis's website via the Star Tribune
The latest proposed development would neighbor the already-approved Opus project.
Earlier this month, the Minneapolis City Council gave the green light to a controversial six-floor mixed-use Opus Development project at the intersection of Fifth Street SE and 14tth Avenue SE.

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Opponents of the Opus project worried that it would open the floodgates for more density in Dinkytown, thereby destroying the character of the historic campus neighborhood. (Supporters of the project essentially argued more density is the price of progress.) For better or worse, it appears the floodgates are now open indeed, as this week Doran Companies unveiled plans for another six-story, mixed-use development that would neighbor the Opus project.

The rendering at the top of the post was published on the city's website this week. Here's another one:


The Doran building would be located between 13th and 14th Avenues on properties that currently house Mesa Pizza and Camdi Restaurant, among other businesses. (The Al's Breakfast building isn't part of the project.)

The Star Tribune provides some context, along with a Google Maps image of the street as it exists right now:
The development is likely to be controversial, as it would transform a core Dinkytown streetscape.

Council Member Diane Hofstede has already introduced a development moratorium for the area. Whether that passes could affect whether the Doran project moves forward.

A group called "Save Dinkytown" unsuccessfully tried to lobby city officials to deny the Opus project. Their website hasn't yet weighed in on the Doran proposal.

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