RIP Bear No. 56, world's oldest known wild bear [PHOTO]

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bear no 56.jpeg
Pour one out for Bear No. 56.
Born during the Nixon administration, the world's oldest known living wild bear made it all the way to Obama's second term.

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The bear, simply known as Bear No. 56, has been found dead near Marcell, Minnesota. Born in January 1974, she almost made it to 40, which is almost 16 years longer than any other bear observed by the DNR has lived since they began collaring wild bears back in 1981.

For a few more interesting tidbits about No. 56, see our February post about the remarkable bear.

The sad news of her passing was broken by AP reporter Douglas Glass.

Bear No. 56 lived a life Michele Bachmann would be proud of -- she gave birth to nearly 30 cubs during her lifetime, the last of which was born during the Clinton administration.

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Janet Deane
Janet Deane

Great that #56 had such a long life as a wild bear. The DNR should protect radio-collared research bears from hunters so we can learn more about them. It would only affect a handful of bears out of the general population and we can learn things from older bears that aren't known by studying younger bears. RIP #56, you beautiful old Grand Dame.


it's 86 for 56. 

39 years: not a bad run.

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