"Scott, Gang Bang Organizer" busted after hotel manager finds his business card

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Bloomington Police Department | Will Clayton
Part of Pollock's defense is that the gang bang was a birthday party.
If you're going to organize gang bangs in hotel rooms, you might not want to make business cards and a website advertising it.

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That's how Scott Pollock got busted, after a manager at the Quality Inn near the Mall of America found the business card for "Scott, Gang Bang Organizer" of "Scotty GB Parties" in his parking lot.

The manager plugged in the group email listed on the card, and saw that his motel's address, with a room number, was listed for that night, along with information about the woman involved -- "Wendy" -- and a suggested $20 donation for participants. The manager called the police to kick the gang-bangers out.

When they got there, just before 4 a.m., the officers walked into a full-on gang bang.

Pollock asked the cops for $20 at the door, reports the criminal complaint. After they turned it over, they observed four people in the hotel room, and three more, including Wendy, having sex. There was "an ice bucket about half full of condoms" on the bed and a counter on a table, displaying the number 31.

The party, Pollock told the cops, was for Wendy's 45th birthday, and the counter was there because she wanted to celebrate by having sex with 45 guys.

The Bloomington officers arrested Pollock, who was carrying $430 in cash, as well as Wendy, who confirmed to the officers that she was a willing participant, and that Pollock didn't hire or pay her. Pollock was later charged with a felony count of solicitation, inducement, and promotion of prostitution.

Pollock, though, disagreed. In a motion to dismiss his case, he argued that gang bang parties between consenting adults aren't illegal, and that he wasn't involved in prostitution at all. Though he was collecting money at the door, the fee wasn't to participate, he says; it was simply a voluntary donation to offset the costs of the party.

"Wendy was not hired or induced to perform any act," Pollock's lawyer argued in his motion. "She was there of her own free will to create a memory on her 45th birthday."

The court rejected the creative argument, and denied Pollock's motion to dismiss before a July 29 hearing. He's due for sentencing in September.

The party at the Quality Inn wasn't Pollock's first time organizing a gang bang. On the night he was arrested, Pollock told officers that he's been hosting similar parties for years.

A public Twitter account with the handle "masterscottyp," the name Scott Pollock, and a photo that matches Pollock's mugshot touts some of Pollock's past parties.

The tweets are a bizarre blend of ordinary life events -- "Finally got a black diamond watermelon to grow" -- with live-tweets of gang bangs.


Here's the full criminal complaint. Read at your own risk.

Pollock, Scottcplt

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Alright, I'm going to have to play devil's advocate here, and say there IS NOTHING ILLEGAL ABOUT GANGBANGS, he needs to take this to higher courts, but seriously, if he lets those prostitution charges stick, it's going to bite him in the ass.


Does anyone care if this guy is guilty or not? Let's be honest, all we want is tales of group sex. Thank you CP for filling that niche. 

DavidFoureyes topcommenter

“her sucker is a little tired.”



Hm. The summons mixed up 1(a)(3) and 1a(3) (prostitution of a minor vs adult). Where, oh where, is an internet lawyer who can tell us if that will have any effect?


er, ya gotta phone number for this dude??

seriously, please interview some people who take part in this so we can read their reasons for doing it........ especially the guy who is "#45," ....and of course the woman... was she sober and in possession of her faculties??   

and how long was it scheduled to attain that vaunted #45??/

the logistics must be daunting.....

and the health bills later.....sad...


I had no idea organizing this kind of party was a felony.  Hope they don't convict him. 


He does have an interesting Twitter feed. One tweet says "Took my daught to olive garden for a late lunch" and was followed one minute later with another saying "Trying to decide what to do..... bored and horny a little now."

Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson

also appears to be a big fan of Dave Ryan Show.


Was al franken there?

mingtran topcommenter

Pretty hard to bust him on that evidence alone.


@Onan @nobig I would so love to throw you a special birthday party


@nobig @Onan  - I'm a power top. Better bite the pillow, I'll go in dry on you.

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