Sounds like Mark Dayton's relationship with his lieutenant governor is pretty awkward

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Courtesy of Governor Dayton's office
This is about as intimate as Dayton and his lieutenant governor get, according to Solon.
Yvonne Prettner Solon isn't sure whether she'll run to be Mark Dayton's lieutenant governor again next year. It probably doesn't help that the two are barely on speaking terms.

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In a recent interview with MinnPost, Prettner Solon said she and Dayton "don't really talk" and conjectured that it might be because they're both single.

"The governor and I go our own ways," she said. "Maybe it's because we're both single. We're used to being alone."

Solon's husband died in 2001, and Dayton is twice divorced.

"We do chat at cabinet meetings and executive council meetings and some other occasions but talk? Not really," Pretter Solon continued, adding that when she wants to interact with Dayton, she goes through his staff.

By comparison, that makes the not-always-warm-and-fuzzy relationship between Barack and Biden sound like the world's biggest bromance, doesn't it?

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